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Power saws are some of my favorite pieces of machinery especially having been employed in the world of carpentry for more than 15 years. As a frequent user of these power tools, I have come to realize that manufacturers have designed their tools quite differently. They differ from one another in terms of quality and functionality.

Jig saw cutting wood

Jig Saw is great for woodworking!

For example, if I want to make intricate cuts on my woodwork piece, different types of jigsaws would be around to choose from.They would come in all the various brands out there – from the famous high end ones and the cheap low-end ones too.

In my experience I have come to know the specific advantages and disadvantages that I can get from many of them. I have collected a lot of information in this site about my personal experience with these power saws.

I have also included the experience of my colleagues who also work in the same industry. You can make use of our collective experiences and make an informed choice before buying any of the power tools mentioned in these pages.

Types of Power Saws


A circular saw cuts board.

A circular saw in action.

Among the power tools of today’s carpentry, the circular saws are the most commonly used. They are either table-mounted or hand-held and are powered by electricity for convenience sake. When using the appropriate blade, these saws are very proficient in cutting steel, wood, ceramic tile and masonry. And with the right amount of raw power, they can slice through efficiently without bogging down.

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They are among the essential tools for almost all of the carpentry works. Professionals also called them as drop saws or chop saws. Miter saws are useful in making a quick and accurate crosscut in any work piece of softwoods. The cutting of a mold and the making of a frame are the usual uses of these saws. Commonly, these power miter saws are portable and small in size and the blade sizes are usually eight to twelve inches in length.

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They are sometimes called by some manufacturers as the sabre saws or bayonet saws. They are the tools to use when you want to cut arbitrary curves and custom shapes in pieces of wood, metal, and other variety of materials. Compared to other power saws, jigsaws are the artistic ones that can be compared to chisel and rasp. With the right blade, these flexible saws can do wonders in cutting complex shapes and making bevel cuts

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Band saw cutting wood.

A band saw can easily do a variety of cuts.

They are the power tools that are used when a woodworker wants a uniform cutting action. Band saws are used primarily for cutting curved shapes and other irregular shapes. They are also used for resawing thin strips of wood from larger ones, cutting tenons, and ripping small pieces of stock. They can cut through woods, metals, and other kinds of materials. They are among the safest power tools to use once they are properly set up before using.


These saws achieve their cutting action through the push and pull reciprocating movement of the blade. Reciprocating saws are commonly used in demolition works and other construction jobs. They are also useful in cutting pipes, cutting into ceilings and floors, and looping off studs within the walls. One distinguishing characteristic of these saws is that they are not capable of making good straight cuts. So you better make sure that the cuts you make are not visible once the project is done.

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These power tools used a round blade and can do several cutting jobs including those that the other types of power saws can do as well. These saws are not small in size since they require a space of its own for you to work efficiently. Others say that the smaller the size of the portable table saw, the better. However, if it doesn’t operate safely or cut well, then it is not worth a single penny at all.

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Tile saw cutting tile.

Ceramic tile saw.

They are used to make precise cuts on stone, porcelain, and other kinds of tiles. These power tools come in various types depending on the size and kind of tile to be cut. The dry tile saws are usually used for minimum cutting requirements of the tiles. The wet tile saws are perfect for heavy duty construction projects. A good tile saw should use diamond blades for superior performance and longer usage.


These tools are small in size and they are either pedal- or electric-operated. They are very useful especially for cutting intricate curves where jigsaws can’t do. They are also efficient in creating curves with edges. For creative woodworkers, the scroll saw is their favorite piece of power tool. It allows them to finish their projects quickly and with great accuracy.


These very powerful tools are mechanical saws that are portable and are commonly powered by two-stroke engines. Other types of chainsaws are powered by compressed air, electricity and hydraulic power. Thesepower tools are used for tree pruning, bucking, and felling. Specialist chainsaws are also available now and they are used to cut concrete, natural stone and bricks.

Recommendations and Reviews

With all these wide range of choices available in the market, I hope my power saw reviews can help you make that important (and money-saving) choice. See you in your next project!