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The Right Choice for the Project

My husband and I bought the QEP 83200 24-Inch Bridge Tile Saw with Water Pump and Stand as we challenged ourselves for our first tiling project at home. We both wanted to have porcelain tiles positioned diagonally. We chose 16-inch square tiles; so that results to lots of tile cutting. We are very happy that this tile saw did its job wonderfully. The machine is stable enough to hold those tiles while cutting. The guides are very helpful and the blades cut through tiles effortlessly. We were satisfied with the performance of this machine.

QEP 83200

QEP 83200

What I Definitely Like About the QEP 83200 Tile Saw

  • LASER GUIDE: One of the good features of this QEP tile saw is that it has a laser guide. I understand that it’s a standard feature of heavy cutting equipment nowadays. The cuts were really straight and even. The light provides an added convenience to anyone who uses this tile saw since it effortlessly maintains a straight cut.
  • DEFINITELY WORTH THE MONEY: We know that there are great tile saws out there but their selling prices are pretty expensive. We are grateful that we chose this particular bridge tile saw. It performs just like those high-end ones in cutting tiles for our DIY project. The big difference is the price. This tile saw is way affordable than those popular brands.
  • ACCURATE SMOOTH CUTS: We have tried using the bridge apparatus of this QEP 83200 wet saw. The result is extremely accurate cuts all the time. We also love this saw because it made smooth cuts to the tiles. We can never tell the difference between the original cut of the tile and the one that the saw made. The machine has enough motor power to cut through tiles quickly and effortlessly.

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Best Features

  • The dual water spray system of the QEP tile cutter will distributes the flow of water evenly on the blade. Through this, the life expectancy of the diamond blade is lengthened.
  • This wet tile saw has a powerful motor of 1.5 horsepower with 3,550 RPM. It is compatible with North American plugs of 120 volts.
  • The adjustable tilting head of the QEP bridge saw delivers fast and easy miter cuts from 45 degrees to 90 degrees.
  • The tile saw comes with a convenient stand that has rear locking wheels. It stays in place throughout the cutting process.
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With the help of this QEP wet saw, my husband and I have both realized that we can do anything together with the right tools in hand. We are truly glad that we bought this excellent saw. Our only complaint is that the instruction manual that comes with the unit is not very clear. We just had to figure things out on our own. However, we still believe that the QEP 83200 24-Inch Bridge Tile Saw with Water Pump and Stand is worth the purchase.

Final Verdict

QEP 83200 Bridge Tile Saw with Water Pump and Stand

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QEP 83200Q 24″ Bridge Saw

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QEP 83200Q 24″ Bridge Saw
The QEP 24″ Bridge Saw is perfect for cutting marble, granite, porcelain, stone and tile with it’s direct drive 1 HP, 3420 RPM brushless motor. This Bridge Saw evenly distributes water flow, extending the life of the diamond blade and the ball-bearing cutting assembly ensures the user a smooth score leading to cleaner accurate cuts.

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